The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Emerson aims to create opportunities for every student in every classroom to engage with technology in ways that will enhance their learning.

The ICT infrastructure at Emerson includes at least 3 desktop computers in every classroom, 50 student laptops in mobile computer trolleys, 220 Apple iPads, a comprehensive wireless network, three modern computer labs, a high speed fibre optic connection between the two Emerson campuses and a Smart Interactive Whiteboard in every classroom. The learning environment is supported by a secure and robust infrastructure, quality educational software, technical support and high speed broadband.


During in 2016 we have continued the major project of implementing the Compass web based school management platform into Emerson. Compass enables better processes, communication and engagement.


The two Emerson ICT teaching staff, Lisa Mouncer and Amber Ward, concentrate on educating students to use ICT as a tool in their learning. A strong emphasis is placed on cybersafety and protecting against cyberbullying.