Emerson School has Facebook

Dear Emerson Community,


We have great pleasure in launching the Emerson School Facebook page. This will be a powerful communication tool reaching out to our Emerson Community and beyond. The purpose of this Facebook page is to alert, inform and celebrate activities as they occur during the course of the year.


For anyone wishing to use our Facebook page, the best way to receive the updates is to visit www.facebook.com/emersonschool3175 and press the thumbs up ‘Like’ button. This way when we post updates, you’ll receive them on your page. This action will allow you to comment and ‘Like’ our posts.



In the spirit of the Emerson School culture, you will need to read and consider the following Code of Conduct for all users.


  • In keeping with our positive culture, our Facebook page administrators insist that all users will serve as role models for our students on how to behave in social media spaces.
  • The administrators of the Emerson School Facebook page reserve the right to remove negative and derogatory comments as they are not in keeping with Emerson School’s positive culture.
  • Only real names that can be identified are to be used on the Emerson School Facebook page.
  • Users must be 13 years old or older. They must have parental supervision to view the Emerson School Facebook page and to contribute to content.
  • It is important to note that Emerson School staff maintain a professional relationship with parents and students as per the Department of Education Code of Conduct. Please do not seek to friend a staff member on the Emerson School Facebook page.
  • The administrators of the Emerson School Facebook page will block a user if he/she is not acting in accordance with Emerson School’s high expectations of positive, respectful and responsible behaviour.