Curriculum Day Monday 13 July

As we go into a second isolation period, we have decided to make day one of term a student free day which will allow our teachers to plan for how they are going to go about this tricky time.

Please read below the SMS sent out yesterday to all parents / guardians.

Emerson School advises that Monday, 13th July will be a Curriculum Day. There will be no classes or buses on that day…John Mooney, Principal.
Emerson School advises that Term 3 classes and Ventura buses will commence on Tuesday, 14th July … John Mooney, Principal.
Emerson School advises at present this on-site learning will continue for the Term unless notified otherwise …  John Mooney, Principal.

 Emerson School apologizes for the late notice of the Curriculum Day on 13thJuly. This is essential because of the new COVID-19 requirements.

 Emerson School requests that parents contact the school if they are keeping their child home because of COVID-19 contact concerns-John Mooney.

During Term 2, our staff members were always vigilant and prepared when dealing with online learning and face to face classes.  Together, we were able to reduce worries, fears and anxieties. With our strong resolve and determination, we will continue to promote this positive atmosphere. 

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