Junior School

In Junior School students begin as early as 5 years old and graduate through to Middle School at 11 years of age. During these years, they are placed in groups of eight to twelve and remain with the same group for the year. Therefore, pastoral care teachers and education support staff develop a close rapport with each child and their families.


The children also develop relationships with our specialist teachers. Studies in Literacy, Numeracy, Information & Communication Technology and Interpersonal Development are complemented by self-exploration and expression through Art, Dance, Music and Singing.


Life skills are explored in Physical Education, Home Economics and Science.


Children who do not always feel confident in academic areas often excel in these specialist areas.


Personal milestones and achievements are always celebrated.


Every day we provide the children with ways to achieve and belong.


The students in Junior School are enthusiastic, energetic and love coming to Emerson School.


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