Middle School

The Middle School Campus caters for vibrant, active students between the ages of 11 and 15 years.  There are twelve pastoral classes with approximately fourteen to eighteen students in each.  The class focus is on teaching important life skills such as communication, social interaction, interpersonal skills, in conjunction with numeracy and literacy.


Our fantastic staff in the Middle School take pride in the work they do.  They strive to develop a friendly and family environment, where students feel valued and respected.  Middle School staff develop the confidence in students so they can make the most of every available learning opportunity.  All our staff believe in the school philosophy of ‘Unlocking The Potential Within’, and work closely as a team so your child will have interaction with a variety of staff to provide a broad educational program to maximise your child’s learning.


Throughout the Middle School classes, an integrated approach to teaching and learning is implemented utilizing the Victorian Curriculum.  We continually assess students to develop individual learning programs that will assist them in reaching their full potential. Students have the opportunity to experience success in the specialist areas of English, Mathematics and Humanities. We are proud to provide the following outstanding specialist programs:


  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Information Technology
  • The Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Food Technology
  • Science
  • Wood Technology


Additional programs include:

  • Travel Education
  • Health
  • Occupational Health and Safety


Middle school students also have the opportunity to participate in school camps, swimming, interschool sporting programs and our Friday basketball program in Cranbourne.  Enjoyable theme days, market days, Inter-house concerts and sporting days are also held at the Emerson Middle Campus.

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