Enrolment Procedures

Emerson School receives large numbers of phone calls from parents asking if Emerson would be suitable for their child.


These parents often comment on their child “falling between the cracks”; not coping with a wide range of learning tasks; being left out and feeling unwell or alone.


Emerson specialises in providing dynamic learning programs for students with mild intellectual, developmental and processing difficulties. We provide for the entire education journey from 5-18 years old across Primary and Secondary education.


By specialising in mild intellectual issues, we can raise the learning bar and increase expectations of success.


We give students a “wonderful possibility to live in”. That is why parents and students love Emerson School.


If ......

  • If your child is having difficulties in learning and remembering academic skills and often needs extensive support.
  • If your child is having difficulties with abstract thinking, planning, forming strategies, priority setting and thinking flexibility.
  • If your child has trouble in recalling or remembering.
  • If your child constantly needs concrete objects such as blocks or counters, to solve problems compared with age peers.
  • If your child doesn’t want to go to school and is avoiding schoolwork or is feeling anxious.
  • If your child shows differences in social and communication maturity when compared with children or siblings at a similar age.
  • If your child has difficulties in forming friendships, making social judgements and dependent on adult help or guidance.
  • If your child needs regular reminders about personal needs that may include eating, personal appearance, personal hygiene and making safe choices.
  • If you, as a parent, are worried about your child’s future capacity to be an independent and happy adult with employment prospects.
  • If your child is starting to show maladaptive behaviours such as anger, tantrums or depressive feelings.


If you have ticked a number of these boxes above, then maybe you should contact Emerson to book in a time to visit and have a chat. You could bring along any reports that have been written. Emerson staff are renowned for their welcome and hospitality. They would be quickly able to tell you if they thought Emerson School would be suitable for your child.


Emerson is a Victorian Government School. Students enrol from all systems including government and private systems.


There are no school fees to pay. There is an annual Voluntary Contribution that parents pay to cover our additional curricular resource including the purchase and maintenance of our school buses that are owned by our Emerson School Council. The current voluntary contribution is $250.


At Emerson we turn problems into collaborative challenges!


Please direct all enrolment enquiries to

Janet Syer on 9791 8900.

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