Music, Dance & Performing Arts

The musical life at Emerson is a vibrant one and so one finds that many assemblies, with their numerous, regular musical items, have a bonding effect on the students who both participate in music making and listening.

The classroom music program has involvement from five highly qualified music specialists and the dance program is overseen and coordinated by one dance specialist.


Music classes at Junior School, Middle School and Senior School run for semesters, allowing students time to develop some basic playing and note reading skills, leading into ensemble work. Ensembles help create the vibrant musical life at Emerson with ensembles including but not limited to: Senior Rock Bands (two), Middle School Rock Bands (two), Junior School Rock Bands (two), Junior Choir, Middle  Choir, Senior Choir, a Beginner Concert/Jazz Band, Drum Ensembles coordinated, conducted and led by out two Drum specialists, several dance troupes (Junior, Middle and Senior again), Wakakirri teams and Production teams.


Emerson conducts an annual music production, usually scripted by staff and students. Now with the presence of the VCAL Performing Arts/Music class in Senior School, our production is accompanied live, by the VCAL class band. This makes for dynamic live performances where students explore their expressive sides, acting, learning and speaking lines, developing important Oracy skills, reading regularly during Production rehearsals (Literacy skills), dancing, singing and playing in musical ensembles. The annual production is supported magnificently by the Art Department who help students paint backdrops, sets and other props. Our Building and Construction VCAL team also helps with construction every year thus making this annual event a project that involves many parts of school life.


Singing is a strong focus in the school; students are able to enjoy performing their favourite songs at assembly. Singing is backed up through the instrumental program but also through the bands program where students can learn to sing in front of a band. The standard of singing improves every year and is nurtured through the choral life of the school where students learn to sing in harmony parts and relate to the chord structure of the music we play and study.


Emerson School has traditionally organised whole school Music Festivals and Drama Festivals where students have other wonderful opportunities to explore their creative selves.


Our burgeoning instrumental program comprises tuition in the following areas: Keyboard, Voice, Drums, Guitars (Acoustic, Electric, Bass), Woodwinds (Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones) and Brass (Trumpets and Trombones). The instrumental program allows for families to explore their children’s musical abilities in a more specialised setting, preparing students for further ensemble work at the school.


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