Home Economics - Junior & Senior School

Today we prepare students for the challenges they may face in their adult lives and in such a changing landscape we are often perplexed about the skills they may require as they mature. Basic skills such as cooking can often be neglected in favour of other areas. However, with the ever growing fast food markets and conflicting information around, it is probably now more important than ever before to teach children basic food preparation skills and give them sound knowledge on health, nutrition and food safety.


Teaching about nutrition is best taught by having students actually cook and nutrition education works best when the concepts are practical and applied. Through Home Economics students can develop the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health, lifestyle and nutritional needs while fostering an interest in cooking for enjoyment.


The Home Economics program at the Junior and Senior school offers students from 5-11 years and 16-18 years opportunities to actively participate in culinary experiences and to develop food preparation skills while learning about nutritional guidelines. This is achieved by familiarising students with the kitchen environment and equipment and introducing a variety of different tastes and textures to their palette in a relaxed environment. Our hands on approach from the earliest years inspires many of our students with a real interest in cooking and the knowledge to develop food related life skills that can be applied thought out life.


In our Junior classes students are introduced to basic kitchen equipment and basic skills preparing simple snacks and meals that they can reproduce at home with minimal supervision. They are also introduced to healthy eating food models that help them to start making informed food choices that develop good eating habits. The need for good hygiene and safety practices is also emphasized from the very early years at Emerson.


As students travel into their Senior years at Emerson the program expands to more complex dishes which involves preparing two-course meals for a family’s evening meal while introducing different appliances and different cooking and preparation techniques. Throughout the Senior years students also revisit and expand on hygiene and safety procedures and healthy eating models.

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