Physical Education

Emerson School’s PE department has numerous sports opportunities for all students. Some of the opportunities include Interschool Sport, weekly PE Classes, SSSSA Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming, House Sports Carnival, Around the Bay and the ability to link to sporting clubs within their own community.  


Interschool Sport gives Senior students an opportunity to play a variety of sports against other schools in the SSSSA region. During term 1 the sports are basketball and volleyball. Term 2 offers soccer and hockey, Term 3 sports are football and netball and Term 4 sports are softball and cricket. These sports are very popular with the students and we usually have approximately 50 students attending Interschool Sport every week.


Students have the opportunity to attend the SSSSA Cross Country Carnival. This event allows students from 9 years to 18 year compete against students from special schools in the South East of Melbourne. Emerson is usually very competitive at Cross Country and we hope to have as many students as possible compete in this event each year.


The SSSSA Athletics day is another great day on the calendar for Junior, Middle School and Senior School students. The events that are offered are 100, 200 and 400m running, shot put and long jump. Students will be selected throughout the year to compete at this event.

Emerson also holds a House Sports Day. This day is one that the students look forward too throughout the year. Students wear their house colours and compete in as many events as they would like. Each year the event will have a theme, for example Athletics, Olympic Sports, Student vs Teachers or Sports from a particular Country.  


Throughout the year we have many opportunities for students to try new sports through the Sporting Schools Program. This is a government funded program providing funding to expose as many students as possible to as many different sports as possible. Some of the sports include ten pin bowling, volleyball, gymnastics and lawn bowls.


The PE staff are hoping that we will be able to increase the number of students that attend the SSSSA swimming carnival. You don’t have to be able to swim lots of laps of the pool, just 25m of freestyle, backstroke or breaststroke.


Around the Bay is an event that Emerson has taken part in for many years. There is a strong group of riders that participate in the 100km journey each year.


The dedicated PE staff are always looking for opportunities for students to participate in many different sports and to maximise the experience of sport and physical activity for all students. This means we are always in contact with many sporting bodies and we pass on as many opportunities as we can.


Three Senior classes have the opportunity to participate in the Advance program. This program offers community and sports programs, including swimming lessons, rock climbing, coaching younger students and attending gymnastics centres.

In Junior School PMP is offered to JSA-JSD. This program is based around enhancing their motor skills and developing social skills. Another program that is being offered in Junior and Middle School is Health. This program is run by the PE department to increase the student’s awareness of nutrition, changes that occur throughout childhood and adolescence, being safe, the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs, as well as the positive impact of staying healthy.


The ESO’s also run structured lunch time sports program throughout both campuses. Some of the sports include soccer, cricket, basketball, AFL and hockey. 


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