Art - Middle School

Students are encouraged to release their creative juices and let their imaginations flow. Our Art space is constantly busy with new individual and joint creations being designed and created.


It is a place to relax, chill out, create and make something wonderful. Students are encouraged to let go of fear, realise there is no right or wrong answer and to just try their very best.


Freedom of expression is encouraged, individual uniqueness is nurtured and all completed work is acknowledged.


In Middle School, students attend thirteen weeks of Art and are treated to the choice of attending Art at lunchtimes, three days a week and Special Art times during electives and bank times.


Allowing students to complete individual projects invites students to make decisions about their learning journey in Art. Students chose projects they are interested in, had not had the opportunity to do previously or that they felt confident in being able to achieve or felt motivated to try something a little more difficult.


Every year we are given the opportunity to exhibit student work at the annual Dandenong Show.

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