Clinical Services

The Emerson Clinical Services team comprises of speech pathology and psychology. Our speech pathology program works alongside teachers in whole class programs for play and social skills, language development and literacy. Regular individual speech pathology sessions are also offered by our speech pathologists and through our speech pathology assistance program.


Clinical Services psychology supports the Program for Students with Disability funding application process and offers counselling in some circumstances. In other instances, we work with families to access the most appropriate supports. Clinical Services has a lead role in liaison and consultation with local services to ensure an integrated and community based approach for the mental health and well being of our students. We have excellent collaborative relationships with a number of private practitioners, government and nongovernment organizations alike, coordinating regular care team meetings between Emerson staff and external services.


Clinical Services further supports the well being and mental health of our students though the whole class program - The Zones of Regulation –a curriculum designed to foster self regulation and emotional control.


We also enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience regarding communication, mental health and well being through professional learning to education staff.


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