Travel & Driver Education

Travel Education

At Emerson School we believe that school plays an import role in teaching students the skills needed to travel safely on public transport. Our program starts in Middle School, where graduate classes (14-15 year old students) travel on a variety of buses and trains around the local area and visit popular landmarks such as Chadstone Shopping Centre and Flinders Street Station.  Students learn about the Myki card system, transport timetables, road rules, different bus and train routes and how to behave appropriately when travelling.


In Senior School students are assessed to see if they are capable of traveling to and from school independently. Students are taken out in small groups to practice their home/school journey until they feel confident and can prove that they have the appropriate travel skills required to complete the journey on their own.  Senior School travel education includes a VCAL linked goal for all students.


Senior classes also have the opportunity to travel via public transport as a whole group to places of interest specific to their course; e.g. automotive class visits the car museum, digital technologies participate in a media session at the Melbourne Arts Centre, hospitality classes visit restaurants and markets, and so on. This allows those students who are not yet confident to travel independently, to continue building up their skills in using public transport.


Driver Education

Learning the Victorian Road Rules is important for all of our students, whether they want to learn to drive or not. Knowing the road rules will help them be safer pedestrians and passengers. Most senior school students will participate in our Learner Driver Program which focuses on knowing and understanding our local road rules, with an aim to passing the Learner’s permit test at VicRoads. There is a strong focus on making safe choices as both a potential driver and as a passenger. Emerson School participates in the Road Smart program and the RYDA Program. For those students who pass the Learner’s Permit test, we encourage them in completing their 120+ hours and offer assistance in passing the Hazard Perception Test.


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