Dance Education

In Dance Education, students are given the opportunity to develop their movement, artistic and performance skills.  They learn, create, and present danceworks, and are given the opportunity to explore movement through skill activities and creative experiences.  Students respond to dance presented on film and shared by one-another.  They learn choreography from diverse styles and cultures.


All of the Dance Programs include:

Skill Development

  • Showing an understanding and appreciation of Safe Dance Practices by following the Dance rules and procedures
  • Developing social skills through working as a part of a team, following instructions, and ‘having a go’
  • Practicing and refining movement skills by extending movement repertoire, and improving memory, fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and concentration
  • Remembering and presenting choreography in class dances and own movement sequences
  • Developing choreographic skills by exploring and manipulating the Dance Elements; body, dynamics, space, and relationships
  • Learning and demonstrating the performance conventions

Artistic Experiences

  • Responding to stimulus including; music, props, imagery, words, films, personal and other student/staff experience
  • Participating and contributing to choreographic opportunities in individual and group activities

Performance Opportunities

  • Performing within the classroom – as part of the whole class, ½ class, small group, partnership, or soloist
  • Performing for an audience – at assembly/school concert or as part of a film presentation

Dance Appreciation

  • Responding to dance presented in the classroom by; watching, discussing, contributing thoughts/ideas/movement/knowledge/experience/feelings

Dance Choreography and Dance Styles

  • Learning and refining stylised movement and dance sequences presented by the teacher
  • Experiencing movement ideas from other sources including film and classmates
  • Creating and adjusting own movement ideas for a choreographic piece


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