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On the 20th of November, 2020, The Hon Gabrielle Williams visited Emerson School to announce a large upgrade plan for the school, encompassing a four stage building modernization program. The first of these stages was the Administration and Senior block which began construction in May 2021.

Fast forward 16 months, the new wing, which was opened on 13 October, 2023 with a lavish opening ceremony catered by our own Essential Foods Studies Class (SSE) students. This stage of the renovations included spacious classrooms, vocational training facilities, and a new reception area.

The upgrade is the first state-funded capital works project for the school since its opening in 1973. The school had previously relied on its own budget to make improvements, such as acquiring a new mid-school campus at the former Greenslopes Primary School site a decade ago.

The school’s principal, John Mooney, said the upgrade was a symbol of Emerson School being no different from any other school. He also defended the importance of specialist schools, saying that they give options to parents and cater for the needs of students who may struggle in mainstream schools.

The upgrade was supported by Dandenong MP Gabrielle Williams, who said: “Emerson School prides itself on unlocking the potential in every student. I’m proud to have been able to support them in delivering state of the art infrastructure that reflects and enhances the quality of their educational offering.”

The school is now looking forward to the second stage of its modernization plan, which will include a new technology and automotive studies wing, which we hope will start as soon as the new year, ready to be utilized come 2025.



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Thank you for the amazing care, education and life skills you have provided Liam. The moment we walked through the doors in 2009, I knew we were ‘home’ and had found the place for Liam to grow. Thank you for taking my little bud and helping him grow and blossom, ready to be a working man next year.

- Parent (Emerson School)

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