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We introduced our current uniform in 2016 which has multiple variations for students to choose from, depending on the weather.

The uniform is compulsory and is expected to be worn by all students. The Emerson school uniform instills a sense of pride and belonging. It enhances the safety of the students through the early identification of persons not belonging to the school and management of students in off-campus activities. Uniforms promote equality amongst students through common dress.

All uniforms can be sourced from Beleza Pty. Ltd. They have a mega store in Dandenong (see details below) and an online purchasing system.

Dandenong- SUPER STORE

162 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong VIC 3175

Phone: (03) 9794 8775

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 10:00am to 5:00pm


Saturday: CLOSED

Additional Uniform Notes:


  • All footwear must be black. It is preferred that the students wear leather lace up school shoes which are available at Kmart, Target, Payless Shoes and many other outlets.
  • Runners may be worn on sport days only.
  • Footwear required by Occupational health and Safety for workshops etc will be accepted.

Piercings, Jewellery, Hair colour etc.

  • Due to health and safety guidelines, jewellry, stretchers/shapers and sleepers are banned.
  • Students may wear a pair of studs in their ears.
  • Extreme haircuts and colours are NOT permitted.



Emerson School Retail Price List – Juniors


Emerson School Retail Price List – Seniors


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Thank you for the amazing care, education and life skills you have provided Liam. The moment we walked through the doors in 2009, I knew we were ‘home’ and had found the place for Liam to grow. Thank you for taking my little bud and helping him grow and blossom, ready to be a working man next year.

- Parent (Emerson School)

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UpSchool is a free and growing resource and our way of sharing positive and inspiring messages with our community.

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